Great White Sharks have been Spotted in the Waters Around New York

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Great White Sharks have been Spotted in the Waters Around New York

This weekend dorsal fins were spotted in the waters around New York, it seems like the Great White Sharks have come back to their favorite summer vacation spot, Jersey Shore’s beaches. 

A little-known fact, sharks can smell spray tan and hair gel in the water from over a quarter of a mile away.

Ok, maybe that’s not true, but we’re lost for any other reasons Jersey Shore’s sharks return year after year. As if they had a hotline to the parks department, as soon as we open our beaches the sharks are there like clockwork.

Two great whites were spotted this weekend, one of which, a 3,500-pound monster going by the name of Mary Lee. Mary Lee? That’s the equivalent naming a hurricane, “fluffy”.

If you’re in the mood for some sleepless nights, you can check the tool that tracks the sharks for yourself. The nightmare-fuel in question is called “OCEARCH” it shows where sharks last surfaced, their weight and height etc. As of writing this, there seems to be a large school of sharks haunting the Hamptons… maybe they’re in the mood for richer flavors this year.

Last year we had sharks around Coney Island, and it doesn’t seem like things will be any different this year. Of course, we’ll follow up on this as it develops, but until then, you’re going to need a bigger boat.


featured image source: [pcwallart]

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