The Golden Girls Themed Cafe In NYC Is Finally Open!

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The Golden Girls Themed Cafe In NYC Is Finally Open!

One new cafe in Washington Heights want’s to “thank you for being a friend.” That’s right, NYC’s Golden Girls-themed cafe is finally open.

Rue La Rue Café, replete with Golden Girls memorabilia and palm tree wall paper, is named after the actress Rue McClanahan, who played Blanche Devereaux on the show. Cafe owner, Michael La Rue, was McClanahan’s best friend and inherited a warehouse full of show memorabilia when the actress died in 2010.

The cafe could double as a Golden Girls museum, featuring signed episode scripts, personal notes, Polaroids, the Emmy won by McClanahan and the dress wore the night she won it.

Although the cafe won’t open for dinner service for a couple of weeks, they are open for breakfast and lunch (Tuesday to Sunday 7:30 am to 3:30 pm) and you can expect the best Golden Girl inspired food in the city: A coconut cake named the “Betty White Cake,” “Sophia’s Cure For Depression Cookies,” “Aunt Fran’s Chocolate Loaf,” and of course, cheesecake, notably “Dorothy’s Salty Caramel Cheesecake”.

Check out a sneak peak below:

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