Give The Gift Of A Unique NYC Experience This Holiday Season With A Fever Gift Card

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Give The Gift Of A Unique NYC Experience This Holiday Season With A Fever Gift Card

Struggling to find a last minute gift for your favorite New Yorker? This year, give the gift that keeps on giving with a Fever Gift Card.

Fever—the up-and-coming events discovery platform in NYC and around the world—is offering a priceless gift this year: the gift of experiences. Instead of having to trawl through the internet in search of the best events NYC has to offer, Fever does the work for you and brings together all of the best things to do in one place.

With a virtual Fever gift card, your loved one will have access to some of the best and most exclusive events in NYC. Few presents can match the magic of a Rooftop Jazz Performance by Candlelight surrounded by NYC’s sensational skyline. Material gifts might not last the test of time, but memories of a magical night will last forever and there are none that match the intensity of a masterful candlelit performance. To ensure an enchanting evening a Candlelight gift card provides the right mix of choice, charm, and convenience.

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If music doesn’t tickle their fancy, perhaps a session at the Break Bar where you can enjoy cocktails and get your anger out by smashing your glass when you’re done (perfect for 2020), or a surreal tour of the catacombs hidden beneath NYC? Really, the possibilities are endless!

Once you purchase the gift card, Fever will send you an email with a Gift Card and code. That can then be printed out or forwarded to the chosen person you’re gifting it too. From there, they’d add the code into their Fever app and voilà!  The city’s events world is your oyster! The gift card can be used on any of the events on the app until the credit runs out.

So instead of running around searching for a gift that you’re not even sure your loved one will like, gift them a unique NYC experience they’ll love instead with a Fever Gift Card!

Spending the holidays outside of Chicago? Worry not. Fever gift cards can be used in several cities worldwide such as New York, Los Angeles, London, Madrid, and more!

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