A Giant Drone Will Take Over The High Line In Newest Public Art Exhibit

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A Giant Drone Will Take Over The High Line In Newest Public Art Exhibit

Replacing Brick House on the High Line will be Sam Durant’s Untitled (drone).

Sam Durant becomes the second artist commissioned for the High Line Plinth. The artist has created Untitled (drone) that will takeover the Spur at 30th St. and 10th Ave. on the High Line.

High Line

This large-scale sculpture is in the shape of an abstracted drone made from fiberglass that sits atop a 25-ft tall steel pole. The enormous drone will actually move on a windy day and shift perspectives against the cityscape.

High Line

According to the High Line, “With this work, Durant seeks to make visible the intentionally obscured drone warfare perpetuated by the US, and to remind the public that drones and surveillance are a tragic and pervasive presence in the daily lives of many living outside—and within—the United States.”

The sculpture was actually selected three years prior, but is more relevant than ever, claims the High Line.

Opened June 2019, the Plinth is the first space on the High Line dedicated to contemporary art commissions. Each selected artwork will be on display for 18 months. The previous selection was a 16-ft tall bronze bust of Simone Leigh’s Brick House.

“Inspired by the Fourth Plinth of Trafalgar Square in London, the large scale and high visibility of the Plinth offers artists a unique platform to inspire a diverse public audience and contribute to the ever-changing conversation around contemporary art and monuments,” shared the High Line.

Untitled (drone) will be on display starting May 2021.

featured image source: High Line

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