Get a Sundae Topped with Insects at this NYC Ice Cream shop

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Get a Sundae Topped with Insects at this NYC Ice Cream shop

An ice cream shop in Greenwich Village with a specialty for Mexican sweets is offering up a sundae topped with spicy crickets… yes, real crickets. Are you brave enough to try?

Rising temperatures in New York City mean two things, a spike in the amounts of bugs on the streets (and your apartment)… and a spike in the consumption of ice cream. One ice cream shop is combining the two for a treat that may leave some a little grossed out… a spicy, crunchy, cricket topped sundae.

In a post on Instagram La Newyorkina, a Greenwich Village ice cream shop presented their latest idea saying:

Sooo excited [a]bout this very special Sundae: Mexican vanilla- chile (pasilla, chipotle & piquín) ice cream, mezcal caramel, candied orange and spicy crunchy crickets.

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What’s the name of this ewww-licious dessert? Well, it doesn’t have one. In the post they actually ask for suggestions. Here are some of our favorites:

  • @mzneener the sizzling salto
  • @jam_nationale Crick-yick
  • @macbny5 El chapulín colorado…
  • @adisleon Saltarin sundae
  • @nuraluralura Jimenez Cricket
  • @lisajames_23 Jumping hot sundae
  • @joshhari El Cri-Cri
  • @anggandrade El dominguero
  • @danireis3 The hopper!

Why put bugs on a dessert you might ask? Well, La Newyorkina specializes in Mexican sweet treats. For those of you who aren’t in the know, fried Mexican Grasshoppers, Chapulines, are a staple part of Mexican cuisine.

The dessert is only available at La Newyorkina through to the end of July, so put aside your doubts and give it a try. This is definitely not a treat you’ll get at a mainstream parlor, and you’ll be actively able to sample a real Mexican treat.

Photo: Melissa Hom


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