Get Ready To Blast Your A/C: A Dangerous Heat Wave Is Hitting NYC This Week

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Get Ready To Blast Your A/C: A Dangerous Heat Wave Is Hitting NYC This Week
Over the past few weeks the temperatures in New York City have been rising, but it’s about to get even hotter. By this weekend temperatures are expected to reach a high of 98-degrees Fahrenheit, with a heat index value that’s even higher.

According to the National Weather Service, there will be a “mid Summer swelter” this week with plenty of heat and humidity on the horizon. The week’s weather pattern will make NYC hot and sticky due to the tropical system Barry moving through the area. The system is expected to bring rain showers Wednesday and Thursday, followed by hot and humid weather on Friday, and a lingering heat that’ll stick around through the weekend.

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Once the mid-week showers are over, and any cooling by the cloud coverage is gone, heat index values are estimated to rise above 100-degrees. The National Weather Service has even put out a Hazardous Weather Outlook stating that Friday and Saturday may reach a maximum heat index value of 105! At temperatures that high the heat can quickly become dangerous, so be sure to stay hydrated if you plan to be out and about this weekend, and get ready to crank up those air conditioners!

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