If Game of Thrones was set in NYC

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

If Game of Thrones was set in NYC

Game of Thrones is back in full swing, and we’ve been on the edge of our seat every Sunday. But what if Game of Thrones were set in NYC? Where would the houses be holed up, and what about that big wall?

House Stark:


The Starks are in the North, so they’d have to hole up in the Bronx, right? Or maybe even further up, like Yonkers. Yeah, that mythical place just above the boroughs. And they are eyeing Manhattan because down there is…

House Lannister:


They definitely own Manhattan. All of it. If ever there was a King’s Landing in NYC, that would be it. And much like King’s Landing, they are surrounded by water, looking out for their enemies on all sides, holed up in the Empire State Building.

House Targaryen:


The Mother of Dragons and her army have been stuck in Staten Island forever, but they are slowly making their way up to penetrate the Lower East Side with their boats… or yachts, if we’re being current. Look out, Lannisters!

House Greyjoy:


Are probably from Jersey. They just seem the type; always fighting within the family, keeping the top buttons of shirts opened, you know, Jersey things. Besides, they are close enough to Staten Island for some of them to break away and hang out with the Targaryens.

The White Walkers:


The White Walkers are heading from Brooklyn, because they are total hipsters, so cool they literally thrive in the cold. There isn’t really a wall in Brooklyn, but crossing the Williamsburg could be the same thing. They are the dark horse, only people who are truly unique (and terrible) root for these guys.

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