‘Game Of Thrones’ is Coming to a New York City Theater? …Yeah, Kind of

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‘Game Of Thrones’ is Coming to a New York City Theater? …Yeah, Kind of

We’ll be waiting another year until we can continue watching the adventures of our favorite Westerosi heroes on TV, but soon you’ll be able to scratch that “GoT” itch off-Broadway.

Game of Thrones: The Rock Musical is a musical parody of your favorite tv obsession.

The show premiered in Los Angeles back in February. The 40 performance run in L.A. led to a completely sold out eight show stint in San Diego. Thanks to positive reviews and obvious buzz surrounding the TV show, now New York City next.

The Musical mainly focuses on the first season of HBO’s tentpole show. Here’s what they say on their website:

Following the saga of Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark as he battles tap dancing direwolves, an evil inbred prince and a smattering of other characters too hot and raunchy for network television. Will Ned climb his way to the Iron Throne? Or will he lose his head in the process?


While the laughs come in thick and fast the music is no slouch either. As you’d expect from any rock musical (parody or not) there are some powerful vocals and pounding rock guitar. You can check out some song samples here.

Finally, should you see it? Well, the show doesn’t open until October 10th, but if the critics are anything to go by, I’d say yes. The Hollywood Reporter said:

“You can look forward to a Dothraki love song, a full body tap-dancing direwolf, and more than one reference to a certain politician.”

If only for the full body tap-dancing direwolf it’s worth a curious look when it opens.

Game of Thrones: The Rock Musical opens on October 11 through to October 29 at The Theater Center (1627 Broadway)


Featured image source [Facebook/gotthemusical]