Fresh Fish is Flown in Daily From Japan to This Affordable NYC Sushi Spot

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Fresh Fish is Flown in Daily From Japan to This Affordable NYC Sushi Spot
The food company Tokyo Ichiban Foods is already well-known in Japan, with 50 restaurants to show for it. Now, they’re making their mark in the US with their casual new spot in Murray Hill, Wokuni.

Wokuni brings affordable sushi of high-quality to the city. The Japanese company is known in Japan for their restaurant chain, Torafugu-tei, that serves the dangerous fugu sashimi (blowfish, which can be fatally poisonous if not prepared correctly).

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While the new NYC restaurant doesn’t serve fugu (as of now) they do fly in the highest quality of fish from the same fish farm—daily. It arrives in an ice bowl each day from Nagasaki Farm in Hirado, Japan.

With fish this fresh you’ll be glad to know you won’t break the bank with every visit. As mentioned, this restaurant strives to bring customers top quality fish at affordable prices. By using the same farm that provides Tokyo Ichiban Foods’ Japan restaurants with bluefin tuna and yellowtail (and Torafugu-tei with their blowfish) they are able to keep prices low.

Sushi rolls range from $7 to $13, assorted sashimi in the $30-range, and hot dinner dishes ranging from $15 to $32. As should be expected, Wokuni’s menu features dishes uncommon to most sushi restaurants in the city. You’ll find items like their Shirasu Oroshi (which is baby sardines with grated daikon radish on top), and Ankimo (which is steamed monkfish with ponzu sauce).

If you love fresh fish you’ll want to check this place out soon!

Featured image source [Facebook/ @Thefoodjoy via Wokuni]

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