Free Fitness Schedule in NYC for June

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Free Fitness Schedule in NYC for June

What are you doing this month? Sitting at home, watching Netflix? Don’t use the expensive gym memberships as an excuse, it’s almost summer and New York has a ton of great fitness coming up! You need to be a part of each of these classes, and we’ll tell you why!

Sweaty Saturdays At LuluLemon

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Saturdays 8:30am to 9:30am At LuLuLemon Lincoln Center

What makes it interesting: You get a complimentary workout session with Equinox, one of the hottest gym franchises in the city.

What kind of people go to it: People who want to look like an Equinox ad; people who lounge in their gym tights as much as they work out in them because they are just so comfy!


Bootcamp in the Park

Mondays 7:00am to 8:00am in Hudson Park

What makes it interesting: Free, outdoors, and sure to kick your butt with a routine of a variety of body weight exercises.

What kind of people go to it: The guy who literally can’t fit in his workout any other time of the day and runs to work afterwards.



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June 26th, 6:00pm to 7:30pm

What makes it interesting: It’s on the freakin’ Intrepid flight deck! It honestly doesn’t get cooler than that.

What kind of people go to it: Literally everyone, from the big bodybuilder to parents and their kids, because did we mention, IT’S ON THE INTREPID!


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