Free COVID-19 Testing Is Finally Available To All New Yorkers

You don't have to have symptoms or have come in contact with someone who had it.

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Free COVID-19 Testing Is Finally Available To All New Yorkers

There is now enough testing and tracing resources for all New Yorkers to get free COVID-19 tests.

One of the main issues that came along with preventing the spread of COVID-19 in NYC has been the lack of testing and tracing. Previously, the city only encouraged people who had symptoms of the virus or came in contact with someone who tested positive to get tested because of limited supplies.

Now, Mayor de Blasio announced, any New Yorker get can get one. And for free — no insurance is required.

There are over 100 testing sites all throughout the city. You can find one based on your address on this webpage (or you can call 311 to find out). Most results are returned in about 48 hours. All test results are confidential.

Most tests include a nasal swab, though sometimes an oral swab or saliva sample may be used.

You can watch Governor Cuomo get one here:

The Mayor also said that the city will have 2,500 contact tracers by the end of the week (if you test positive, they will trace who you have come in contact with to help track and contain the spread). “If we do this right, we’ll be able to find out who needs support,” he said. “We’ll be able to ensure they get support and we’ll ensure this disease has nowhere to go. THIS is how we contain COVID-19 in our city and eventually eradicate it altogether.”

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