Foie Gras, A Controversial French Delicacy, May Soon Be Illegal In NYC

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The widely controversial menu item foie gras may soon be banned in New York City.

A new bill was recently introduced by Manhattan councilwoman Carolina Rivera which, if passed, would make the sale of foie gras—fatty goose/duck liver—illegal on the basis of animal cruelty. Under her new proposal, those who are caught selling the liver pâté would face fines up to $1,000, a misdemeanor, and one year in jail for each offense. Rivera recently told the New York Post that “[foie gras] is not part of the diet of everyday New Yorkers. Less than 1 percent of all New York City restaurants serve it. This is truly a luxury item.”

The “luxury item” is already banned in places like California, and has been a controversial delicacy for quite some time. Foie gras is typically made by force-feeding geese and/or ducks to enlarge their livers, which gives them their fatty taste.

The bill is currently being reviewed by Council Speaker Corey Johnson.