Foam Rolling Is About To Become NYC’s New Wellness Craze

Rob Grams Rob Grams

Foam Rolling Is About To Become NYC’s New Wellness Craze

What if we were to tell you you could have a live-in massage therapist for next to no money at all, you’d probably say we were crazy. That’s probably because you haven’t discovered the magic of the Foam Roll.

Foam rolling is a great alternative to keep your muscles from becoming overactive, which can often lead to lower-back pain, knee pain and headaches from other muscles over compensating. To be honest, I haven’t met a NYer that couldn’t use a foam roller. The only problem? You need to learn from the experts!

Foam rolling 101 and beyond is world class training hosted by Dr. Stephanie Shane, Doctor of Physical Therapy, movement expert, and foam rolling guru. Dr. Shane was recently featured in Women’s Health magazine explaining the must-learn moves for the office worker to the fitness fanatic.

Workshop takes place on March 11th Sunday at 3 pm (12 w 21st street 2nd floor)

It is highly encouraged to bring your own foam rollers, as they have very limited quantities available

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