Flying Taxi Will Soon Take You From NYC to Boston in 36 Minutes!

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A new flying taxi is being developed that will make city-to-city commutes much shorter, particularly for those traveling for business.

Last week, Transcend Air Corporation announced their development of a six-seat, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft that will transport travelers between major cities at a whopping 405 mph—with a range that spans to 450 mph! The aircraft, called Vy 400, will be able to cut down the commute from NYC to Boston to only 36 minutes.

Renderings Courtesy of Transcend Air Corporation
Renderings Courtesy of Transcend Air Corporation

This new airline service and mode of transportation plans to launch in 2024. Of the project, Transcend’s co-founder and CEO Greg Bruell said:

“This is a necessary and transformative addition to city-to-city transportation options. It solves multiple problems at once: we’ll take cars off congested roads, reduce pollution around airports, and lower the cost of air transportation while drastically reducing travel times.”

With this new aircraft, you’ll be able to go from LA to San Francisco is only 55 minutes, and from Montreal to Toronto in 60 minutes.

featured image source: Transcend Air Corporation