This NYC Italian Restaurant Has Transformed Into A Lush Floral Garden For Outdoor Dining

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This NYC Italian Restaurant Has Transformed Into A Lush Floral Garden For Outdoor Dining

NYC restaurants are getting pretty creative with their outdoor dining experiences, and this is one of our favorites so far!

Fine dining Italian seafood restaurant Marea in Columbus Circle reopened for outdoor dining over the summer, and it wasn’t your typical tables-shoved-on-sidewalks situation.

Instead, they commissioned NYC floral studio Floratorium and design firm Nusla to create a stunning floral canopy full of thousands of rich blue hydrangeas.

And now, they’ve given the space a vibrant fall makeover!

The summer display was inspired by the restaurant’s main cuisine, seafood, as the bright blues created an “under the sea” vibe, especially since the seating area is under scaffolding that they have now completely covered.

The fall makeover brings in a bit more color but still has that totally immersive garden feel. Here’s how the owner and creative director of Floratorium, Carlos Franqui, described the process:

“‘Fall 🍂 under the Marea’ was inspired by the love of NYC in the fall. Nothing beats a stroll in Central Park in the fall. We wanted patrons to feel that autumnal love like if they were inside Central Park. We added burgundy hydrangeas burgundy ficus leaves, Mustard Magnolia blooms were added throughout with Burgundy Hanging Amaranths. Lastly we change the colors of the planters to a similar palette to seal the mood.”

They also added outdoor string lights to fill out those cozy vibes.

Reservations are required to eat at one of the magical atmospheres in NYC this summer; make them on their website by calling Marea at (212) 582-5100.

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