Five Ways To Make It Through Monday

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Five Ways To Make It Through Monday
Sometimes you feel like you just can’t beat Monday, no matter how many cups of coffee you drink. But don’t quit! Monday is just like a bug—it can be annoying, intimidating, even scary, but you just need to crush it and move on. Here are some things you can do to get you through the first day of the work week:
1. Eat your favorite lunch on Monday

monday lunch

Yummy food can energize your body and brighten your mood like coffee can’t. And if you make every Monday “favorite lunch day” you’ll at least wake up looking forward to something. Whether you prepare your lunch or make Monday your day for eating out, having some noms to look forward to will keep you going, at least until you can refuel at 12.

2. Wear your favorite outfit

[Bows and Sequins]
[Bows and Sequins]
This may or may not be feasible depending on how formal your workplace dress code is. But try to wear something that makes you feel good on Monday. Well, try to do it everyday, but putting in that extra effort on a Monday always helps your mood. Whether that’s your new periwinkle shoes, your Mickey Mouse tie or your spaceship socks, choose something that will make you smile as you walk out the door. 

3. Go to happy hour

monday happy hour

Who says happy hour needs to be reserved for later on in the week? Heading out on a Monday encourages you to power through your work to make it to 5pm. Check out some great drink deals and our recommendations here.

4. Make it a movie night


Movie nights aren’t just for Saturdays when you don’t feel like going out. Watching your favorite movie on Monday is a good way to relax and recover from a rough start to your week. Check out these movie deals to get your tickets for tonight. 

5. Buy yourself a sweet treat
photo: thenyfoodie.com
photo: thenyfoodie.com

If you’re going to take a break from your diet for a day, make it Monday. You deserve that chocolate brownie from the bakery or that creamsicle from the ice cream truck. Or, try these “Very Addictive Doughnuts” from Clinton Hall.  That’s the kind of deal that makes Monday a good day!


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