This Fitness Studio in NYC Now Offers a New Moon Reset Ritual Series

With every new moon comes all sorts of strange things and energy shifts. If you weren’t already aware, there’s a new moon entering Taurus this week—and it’s supposed to be particularly intense.

However, to help you prepare for this shift (and that of every new moon) Bari Studio has created an exciting new lunar-centric class specifically inspired by the new moon.

The reset ritual series will take place once a month with a focus on centering yourself and setting your intentions, while also toning and getting in a good workout. The special series combines dance, cardio, and sculpting to help you feel your best self and be ready to take on any challenges the new moon may bring. The class was created by instructors Colette Dong and Ali Castro, and According to Well  & Good, the class was inspired by the use of power movement in their own new moon rituals.

This month’s new moon will enter Taurus tomorrow morning (Tuesday, May 15), so Bari Studio will have their New Moon class this evening. If you’re not feeling up to it this month, no worries! There’s always the next new moon to prepare for.

featured image source: Instagram / The Bari Studio

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