The First-Ever Mobile Grocery Store Is Here, & It May Solve All Our Shopping Problems

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

The First-Ever Mobile Grocery Store Is Here, & It May Solve All Our Shopping Problems

Grocery shopping used to be a fun way to experiment with ingredients at best, and a weekly chore at worst, but during this time it has evolved into something much different.

With limitation rules, increased safety precautions, and a necessary visit that still brings you in close quarters with others, it can be a rather panic-inducing experience. But this Canadian company may have solved the future of grocery shopping.

Grocery Neighbour, which is based in Toronto, has come up with the “world’s first grocery store on wheels.” Though of course we already have online grocery store delivery, you can’t actually sort through fruits, vegetables, or meat to choose the specific ones you like—finding the ripest pieces or the leanest cuts. Plus, those services have of course become extremely busy during this time.

The Grocery Neighbour giant tractor-trailer will roll up right to your house, and one side of the truck lifts up to reveal a mini grocery store is inside. It is separated into your typical sections: produce, bakery/bread, meat & poultry, beverages, frozen, dairy and non-perishables. Everything in stock is locally procured to ensure peak freshness and support local farmers and businesses.

And an app conveniently notifies customers when the “store” is on their block. Though they were inspired by the pandemic, owners say they believe this way of shopping will extend long beyond it.

Of course, it’s only available for Canadians right now, but maybe they’ll make their way across the border sometime soon. We can hope!

featured image source: GoodNeighbour.com

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