First Ever Pop-Up bRUNch Run Comes to NYC Next Month

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

First Ever Pop-Up bRUNch Run Comes to NYC Next Month

This will be the most guilt-free brunch you’ve probably ever had in NYC.Why not feel good about that brunch binge? 

New York City has seen brunch + run events before but this spring, the group bRUNch Running will come to NYC for their first time—and it’s truly the best of both worlds. With a 5K and 10K option, you’ll spend Saturday morning (on April 14) working out with a solid run, followed by a brunch buffet that includes drinks, fun giveaways, and swag bags filled with goodies.

Oh, and did we mention that the run is optional? You can choose to just brunch if you’d like, but you’ll still need a ticket of course. You can also walk if you’d prefer that to running. So basically there’s no reason not to partake in this event.

It will be hosted by San Remo Cafe in SoHo, where you’ll meet with other runners before and after the 5K/10K. The run will be guided by Jack Rabbit NYC and New Balance since it’s an open course with no street closures.

It’s a private event, so you’ll need to get tickets in advance but if you get them now you’ll be able to purchase early bird tickets for $50. Their only requirement: “that you love brunch!”

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