First-Ever Boozy Bubble Tea Shop Opens In NYC

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First-Ever Boozy Bubble Tea Shop Opens In NYC
Bubbleology is open in New York City, and they’ve brought boozy bubble tea creations with them.

Over the last few years bubble tea has become much more popular in New York with plenty of shops opening up around the city and even being dedicated its very own bubble tea festival. However, even with many already popping up throughout the city, none quite have the unique menu option that Bubbleology does since they’ve debuted their Boozy Bubble Tea collection at the new East Village location.

Bubbleology opens their doors to New Yorkers on Monday (September 16) with a first-of-its-kind concept that’ll change how people view bubble tea. The shop located at 120 1/2 1st Avenue offers unique creations of the classic bubble tea everyone already knows and loves, but this time infused with flavors like vodka, gin, bourbon, and rum. A few of these creations will include: The Blushing Duchess (which is made with Jasmine tea, premium Vodka, Triple Sec, cranberry juice, lime juice, pearls of lychee popping Boba, laced with edible shimmer); Peanut Loaded Freak (which is made with Jasmine tea, premium Bourbon, caramel, peanut  butter, vanilla, organic milk, served with tapioca and topped with layers of whipped cream, caramel drizzle, mini peanut butter cups and chocolate pocky sticks); The Duke of New York (which is made with tequila and lime infused with mango, served with strawberry Boba, a lime wedge and garnished with a salt rim), and City of Dreams Float (made with strawberry gelato, Rose Cider and lychee popping Boba) among various others.

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Assad Khan, Founder and CEO of Bubbleology, said in a statement that: “These alcohol-infused beverages will definitely change the bubble tea landscape and we can’t wait to debut our innovative drinks in New York City.”

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For those who aren’t so sure about the boozy options, not to worry! Bubbleology also serves non-alcoholic bubble teas like Cream Crowns (a choice of matcha, nutella or strawberry flavor), Milk Teas (choice of almond, Assam or caramel frappe flavor), Fruit Teas (choice of pomegranate, passion fruit & cucumber or apple flavor), as well as coffee and a variety of specialty tea options. And continuing with the “bubble” theme, the shop also features Bubble Waffles where guests are be able to add gelato and tasty toppings to their sweet snack.

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This is the first-ever boozy bubble tea shop in NYC, and because of the alcohol content, these unique teas will only be served to those who are 21+! 

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