This Fire on an F train Subway Seat Has Twitter Going Nuts

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This Fire on an F train Subway Seat Has Twitter Going Nuts
VIDEO: Ugh… all these subway rules! Don’t hold open the doors, no animals unless they fit in a bag, don’t set a massive fire to the seat and leave it to burn… wait, what now?

Good news fellas, manspreading is no longer the worst thing you can do on a subway seat! Granted, taking up too much space is still an issue, but unless you are literally going to set fire to a mystery pile of detritus, then there is at least one New Yorker out there that’s a worse straphanger than you.

Early Sunday morning on the F train, at the 2nd Avenue station in LES, a straphanger caught video footage of an inexplicable fire burning-away on one of the train’s seats… on a prized corner seat no less… animals.

All of a sudden, that lady eating a smelly sandwich on your morning commute doesn’t seem so bad, does she?

A conductor notified the police and fire department, and the FDNY were quickly on the scene to put the fire out. Thankfully, nobody was injured in the incident.

Does anything more effectively sum up the current state of our subway than an unidentified pile of crap burning away on an old subway seat? Maybe the NYPD should abandon the search for arsonists and start rounding up satirists.

Of course, this is NYC, New Yorkers ALWAYS have something funny to add to the conversation on Twitter. Here are some of our favorite reactions:

Featured image source [Stibbanski | twitter]

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