This Lower East Side Musician Has Been Giving Incredible Concerts From Her Fire Escape

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This Lower East Side Musician Has Been Giving Incredible Concerts From Her Fire Escape

Rock out to live music at the newest and smallest venue on the LES, The Fiore Escape.

After recovering from COVID-19 in April, singer/songwriter Jill Fiore’s said “my fire escape was the first place I was able to crawl out onto when I was getting better.” She was finally able to feel a connection with her world and community again. Now she wants to give back to that same community by creating “a sense of connection, the energy and vibe of live music in NYC…a boost of resilience.” This ultimately led to the transformation of her second floor fire escape into a stage.

Courtesy of Jill Fiore, Photo by Bob Krasner

Fiore has been a musician for nearly a dozen years; her living room even functions as a music studio. After missing music venues since their shut down in March, Fiore thought of this creative and safe way to bring live music back to New York City.

Courtesy of Jill Fiore, Photos by Bob Krasner

The first performance at The Fiore Escape, a very clever name, took place on October 24th at 6 p.m. on Essex Street between Grand and Hester. The performance announced on her Instagram was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” involving three windows and three musicians promising “lots of rock!”

After only expecting the live performance to be a one time event, it’s unforeseen success has led to another upcoming show at the same time and place this November 21st. Audiences are welcome to come and enjoy as long as masks are worn and people socially distance themselves from others. The show will additionally be streamed on Instagram live.

Courtesy of Jill Fiore, Photo by Bob Krasner

The mini-concert will yet again include Fiore, Lead Guitarist ‘The Baron,’ and Bassist Jason Taylor. A special guest, Dave Spinley, will be joining them as well. Fiore writes on her Instagram to “grab your hot toddies and your favorite scarf, autumn in New York City is sexxxxxy, let’s rock.”

These performances are for her neighbors and community members that helped her through “the toughest of times” and serve as “a reminder that we can and will overcome anything,” said Fiore.

Don’t miss your chance to rock out alongside your fellow NYers at The Fiore Escape’s second ever concert!

featured image source: Bob Krasner

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