Find Out if NYC’s New 332 Area Code Will Apply to You

Rob Grams Rob Grams

Find Out if NYC’s New 332 Area Code Will Apply to You

Here’s everything you need to know about the surprise announcement of NYC’s new area code and who exactly will be affected by the addition of around 8 million numbers.

Remember the heady days when the only number you had to memorize was your home phone number? No? We’re just old I guess. Oh, those heady days of yore, before you had ATM numbers, cell digits, and countless internet passwords. Like when the New York area codes were 646, 917 and 212, good times, yeah? Well, get ready to add 332 to the endless series of digits you have to memorize in this digital age.

Manhattan-based phone numbers using 212, 917, and 646 are close to filling up according to the Verizon. The addition of 332 will add close to eight million numbers to the pool of phone numbers available.Thankfully the price of calls won’t affected by the change, nor will you have to physically do anything to maintain your current service, but Verizon did state that you WILL have to dial the new area code for calls to be placed.

So if you have a 212 number you must be feeling like a real OG right now… in fact, you 646ers can look down on those 332 noobs now too!

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