Sign Up For A $716 Apartment In The Bronx

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Sign Up For A $716 Apartment In The Bronx

When it comes to overpriced living spaces, NYC is king, but these recently renovated studio apartments in the bronx might just turn that on its head.

We’ve all been in that situation just before pay day when we miss out on what’s going on in the city because we just can’t afford to leave the house. If only there were cheaper accommodation without moving to the sticks.

16 units have opened up to rent in the Bronx, at 565 E. 178th St. and 2089-91 Arthur Ave, for one and six people earning between 50 and 60 percent of Area Median Income or between $26,434 and $63,060 a year.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Six studio apartments for $716 per month.
  • A one-bedroom for $769 per month.
  • Two three-bedrooms for $1,067 per month.
  • five one-bedrooms for $882 per month.
  • one two-bedroom for $1,065 per month.
  • one three-bedroom for $1,292 per month.

A percentage of the units are set aside for disabled (mobility, vision, hearing) and people living in Bronx Community Board 6 (see image below or click HERE for more information).

Applicants have until May 5th to submit their application. Click HERE for to apply. Good Luck!

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