Finally! A Set Plan to Get Rid of MetroCards

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Finally! A Set Plan to Get Rid of MetroCards
New Yorkers have been complaining about MetroCards for years. The current card system we have is incredibly outdated and truly a daily pain. It can bend as you swipe, the magnetic strip doesn’t always work properly, and they’re easy to lose.

It wasn’t until Hillary Clinton paid us a visit during her campaign last year, and had to struggle like the rest of us, that the city finally took notice of what a challenge these darn cards can be!


Earlier this week the MTA announced they will soon be phasing out the MetroCard for the easier payment systems used in London. This new method will allow people to use a PayPal-like form of electronic payment. With the wave of a cellphone or bank card you’ll be able to enter through a turnstile, or onto a bus.

Wikimedia Commons / From geograph.org.uk
Wikimedia Commons / From geograph.org.uk

The system will take several years to fully implement. The first phase will include 500 turnstiles and 600 buses toward the end of 2018. However, all city buses and subways will be using this new system by 2020. If you have a balance on your card at that time, don’t worry. People will still be able to use their MetroCards until 2023.

The new turnstiles will allow you to use both forms of payment.

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