Hear Your Favorite Film Soundtracks Performed At This Breathtaking Online Concert

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Film Symphony Orchestra

The soundtracks of cinema classics come to life at this incredible night of music.

For anyone who thinks their life deserves an epic score worthy of a cinematic classic, we’ve got just the thing for you. The Film Symphony Orchestra, who perform stirring renditions of your favorite film soundtracks, are delivering a mesmerizing concert directly to your living room this month. The incredible show, which is set to be retired at the end of this month, is a feast for all the senses, so grab your tickets here and get ready to experience the magic of the movies like never before.

The Film Symphony Orchestra will present the emotion and passion of famed film soundtracks, but don’t expect them to be your typical, buttoned-down orchestra. The seventy-strong orchestra loves nothing more than getting up and grooving along to the music they’re making, and their passion shines through vibrantly. Small wonder, when they’re playing film scores from such hits as Aladdin, Avengers: Endgame, Back to the Future, Pirates of the Caribbean, Interstellar, and many more!

Film Symphony Orchestra

The concert was filmed in Spain’s Zaragoza Auditorium, famed for its unmatched acoustics, and with thirty-five cameras trained on the orchestra, you’ll get to enjoy it from every possible angle too. Every crash of the cymbals, every note from the piano, and every blast from the horn section will be captured in perfect detail, and a colorful light display will take the spectacle to the next level.

Film Symphony Orchestra

More than 50,000 people have enjoyed the magic of the Film Symphony Orchestra so far, and if you’d like to join them in being enchanted by an intoxicating blend of music, color, and excitement, then you can grab some tickets here. The concert will be available to watch between June 22-29, and all you need is a speaker or a pair of headphones to experience your favourite film scores like never before!

Find your tickets to the Film Symphony Orchestra here.

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