The Fearless Girl Statue Has Been Moved To Her Permanent Home

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

This morning, the Fearless Girl officially took her spot at her permanent home at the New York Stock Exchange.

Back in April, Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed that the Fearless Girl would be moving to a new home due to safety, mobility and traffic issues (mobs of tourists on a small pedestrian island isn’t great for congestion). She’s finally made it.

What was intended to be a seven day temporary display used to call attention to the lack of gender diversity on important corporate boards, eventually became a New York City cultural icon, taking up residency on Broadway for more than a year.

The 4-foot-tall, bronze little lady has come to represent female empowerment and resiliency in the face of the patriarchy (especially when taken in consideration with her previous placement in front of Arturo Di Modica’s, Charging Bull.) Since the installation of the statue by State Street Global Advisors in 2017, thousands of people have come to visit her- and it makes sense that she has now been offered a permanent place in the city instead of moving on.

You can now see her in her new spot outside the New York Stock exchange. While it is still unclear as to where he will go, the Charging Bull will also be moving, most likely close to the Fearless Girl, at a later date.

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