5 Fast Casual Restaurants That Are Healthy & Hit The Spot


5 Fast Casual Restaurants That Are Healthy & Hit The Spot
Sometimes we just want to get a quick, tasty, hastle-free lunch or dinner and going to a proper, sit down restaurant takes too much time. However, where do you go if you want something good and need a break from the food trucks? We gotchu covered with our top 5 spots for hearty, yummy meals that are ready to go in 1-2-3.

Dig Inn


Dig Inn’s whole thing is that they’re farm-to-counter, which means their ingredients are naturally sourced, seasonally based and fresh! The menu is divided into the following sections: Dig Featured Bowls, Marketbowls, Bases, Market Sides (cold/hot) and drinks/snacks. Once you get to the counter, choose your bowl size, protein, two sides and grains/greens. Protein includes chicken, meatballs, salmon, tofu and steak. The sides change frequently but usually include options like roasted kale, sweet potatoes, etc. Grains Protein choices include chicken, meatballs, salmon, grilled organic tofu, or steak. Sides vary by season but often include choices like roasted kale, roasted sweet potatoes, or grilled squash.



Cava’s mission is simple: bring people together through delicious food and to make sure you never have to choose between healthy or satisfying. Menu includes: a base (salad, greens + grains, grain bowl, pita), dips + spreads, protein (vegan options available), toppings and dressing.

The Kati Roll Company


This is one of the newest food trends to hit the city, just look up the Kati Roll Company and you’ll see all of the positive reviews. The food is simple: choose between a paratha (indian flat-bread) or whole wheat roti (vegan option) and either a mix of spicy meat or veggies for the filling.

Two Forks


Two Forks’ brand is built around good food with good friends/family, the ingredients are always high-quality and healthy.Menu includes breakfast and lunch options, with variations on buns or bowls. Like the other restaurants above, Two Forks has the same structure including a base, protein, sides, toppings and sauce!

City Kitchen 

We thought we’d end the list with one of NYC’s favorite indoor food markets right in the heart of Times Square, just to broaden the scope of restaurants even more. Current vendors include a diverse set of cuisines such as, Japanese, Mediterranean, Mexican and more. Find their menus here: Azuki, Box, Dough, Gabriela’s Taqueria, Kuro-Obi, Luke’s and Whitman’s.

featured image: instargam.com/seanclaudeeats

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