Exploring NYC on Horseback

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Exploring NYC on Horseback

Before you think you’re being tricked, rest assure it is not April Fool’s and yes, horses do exist in the city! There are quite a few ways to explore NYC on horseback through multiple trails around the 5 boroughs. If you’re an avid fan of riding or just want to try for your first time ever, here’s a list of the best places to do it, all around the city!

  1. Chateau Stables, Manhattanchateaustables

    Ever want to ride a horse around Central Park like a king or queen? OK maybe it’s not that regal, but it’s still pretty cool to enjoy the beauty of the park and the trails by hoof. Chateau Stables provides rides in the parks for all ages, so if you dreamed of that pony as a kid, this might be the next best thing.

  2. Jamaica Bay Riding Academy, Brooklyn


    What about outer boroughs? This riding academy in Bergen Beach lets you ride ON THE ACTUAL BEACH. Plus, one of their horses is named Taco (we’d ride that one). Need that perfect 5th date idea? Here you go, on us.

  3. Bronx Equestrian Center, Bronxbronx

    If you find yourself more up north, don’t worry, there are still horses. This takes you up along the Hutchinson River, so if you want that beautiful water view while you gallop, you’ve got it. They offer single rides or regular lessons, so go get in that saddle!

  4. GallopNYC, Brooklyngallopnyc

    This is pretty awesome in that they raise money to offer riding lessons and therapeutic rides for those with disabilities. Want to get your ride on and also give back to the community? Might want to book a scenic trail here!

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