Explore What NYC Was Like In The 80’s With This Interactive Map

New York has transformed A LOT since the 80’s. Take a gander at what was once all its grungy glory with this interactive time map.

80s.NYC, a new internet tool that has emerged from years of data collection allows you to explore over 100,000 street segments and 800,000 building photos from New York cerca 1980.

During the mid 1980s the city photographed every property in the five boroughs for real estate tax evaluation purposes. Since then, the photographic property- which is technically available for public view on the City’s Municipal Archives website- has been compiled into one useful and interactive map in which you can search for images of specific sites, buildings and addresses. The street view-style presentation of the site also provides block and neighborhood context.

In addition to all this, the website also highlights stories about buildings and public sites. They intend to continue to crowdsource stories to “to add a richer descriptive layer to the imagery collection.”

Check out what your apartment looked like back in the day here.

Featured image: content.hudsonjeans.co

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