Explore the Healing Properties of Sacred Chocolate at the Cacao Studio

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Explore the Healing Properties of Sacred Chocolate at the Cacao Studio
Explore yourself through meditation, ceremonies, and yoga practices with the support of Cacao at this Brooklyn studio. Led by Audrey Love Bean and Florencia Fridman, learn how this sacred chocolate can help you open your heart.

While on their journey to find the meaning of life, Audrey and Florencia came across the “magic” of the cacao plant. After much exploration (on multiple levels), the two created The Cacao Studio which is dedicated to sharing the medical properties of cacao along with other ceremonial practices and yoga.

“The Cacao Studio was born of a desire to share Love.
A Love for Cacao, a Love for the self and a Love for each other.”

And who doesn’t love cacao? (Aka, the primary component that makes up chocolate.)

For the skeptics curious, the Cacao Studio’s website breaks down all benefits of the cacao plant as a sacred superfood used by ancient civilizations including the Mayans, Aztecs, and Olmecs for various purposes.

The studio uses high quality, ceremonial-grade cacao to create the beverage that ritualistically begins each class. The “energetic properties” of this high-grade cacao plant increases your blood flow and heart rate while also releasing serotonin and nurishing your body with various minerals and antioxidants.

Unfortunately, the specific studio the duo was using for these classes closed on Oct 4 “due to unforeseen circumstances.” However, they are still hosting their Synergy Partner Yoga classes at another Bushwick location. If you’d like to attend, feel free to email them at thecacaostudio@gmail.com for an exact address.

Featured image source [Instagram/The Cacao Studio]

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