‘Experience’ NYC With Sarah Jessica Parker and Ansel Elgort

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‘Experience’ NYC With Sarah Jessica Parker and Ansel Elgort
Airbnb’s new “experiences” rolled out this week in New York City, and they sure got the city’s attention. The company shot for the stars, and landed a few. Literally. Two celebrities have partnered up with Airbnb to host tours of NYC from a “local’s” perspective. And while this is mostly geared toward city visitors, plenty of NYC residents would love to see a celeb’s view of the city as well.

In the clever “Sole of the City” tour, Sarah Jessica Parker will take four lucky people  on a two-hour walking tour of her NYC ‘experience’. Going with the “sole” theme of the fashionista’s tour, the participants will each get a pair of SJP Collection shoes as well as a ticket to the NYC Ballet, and some intimate frozen yogurt time with the star.

Although SJP’s Oct. 6 tour is already sold out (at $400 may we add), there’s another New York native celeb doing a tour on Oct. 20!


Ansel Elgort will take four people on a tour of Brooklyn. For $250 per person, you’ll get dinner and drinks at Radegast Hall (awesome spot), transportation between visiting venues (unless your group decides CitiBike is a better way to travel), and rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulder.

The two experiences hosted by these celebrities clearly show that Airbnb will be covering all sorts of NYC activities with their new feature—and we love it. There’s something for the theater-goers, the adventurer, the foodie, and any other experience you’re likely to have when living in the city.

They also speak to the interests of the hosts, which is an awesome perspective.

We approve.

Featured image source: Facebook / Sarah Jessica Parker

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