A Dazzling New Exhibit All About Color Is Coming To The Museum Of Natural History

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A Dazzling New Exhibit All About Color Is Coming To The Museum Of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History is about to get a lot more colorful!

The iconic New York museum is adding a brand new exhibit to its collection that explores color in nature, the creation of color, the role of color in our society…basically anything and everything that has to do with color!

Called “The Nature of Color,” the exhibit is opening March 9 and will “reveal how color carries information both in nature and across cultures.”

The exhibit is made up of different rooms, each with a different color theme that highlights an element of the role color plays in the world.

American Museum of Natural History

In the exhibit you’ll learn about:

  • How color is created through electromagnetic waves concealed in white light. There will even be a white room where you can create your own colors using that knowledge.
  • How colors affect our feelings and why, which there is plenty of data to support, in the yellow room.
  • The role of color in nature, which will be on display in the green room, explaining how plants and animals have evolved and why some animals have colors that allows them to blend in while others purposely stand out.
  • Color in society and in culture, like how it can indicate status, power, loyalty to sports team to political parties and more, in the red room.
  • And in the blue room, how an object can produce colors in many different ways depending on how it interacts with light, and also how people have created color through pigments and dyes throughout human history.

Watch a video preview here:

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