Everything You Can Make & Bake At Milk Bar’s New NYC Flagship

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Everything You Can Make & Bake At Milk Bar’s New NYC Flagship

Cookies, cake and SO much more! Indulge all your sweet tooth fantasies at Milk Bar’s brand new flagship store in the Flatiron District.

We fell in love with cereal milk ice cream and sugary cake truffles years ago, but now pastry chef and Milk Bar owner Christina Tosi is bringing all of our dessert dreams to life with her new flagship store in the Ace Hotel building at 1196 Broadway.

It just opened on Saturday, and we’re taking you inside with all of the true MUST-do’s (or should we say, must-eats?). Now that first-weekend crowds have died down, you need to visit asap!


The best part? Most of these features are ONLY available at the NYC flagship! So it’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience you can brag to your friends in other cities about.

Tosi said in a statement via Instagram:

“This Flagship is our love letter to New York, the beloved city where we first got our start that has cheered us on ever since. An insanely exciting playground of food and fun, this store is our vision of joy, of adventure come to life, a wonderland unlike anything we’ve ever dreamt up — where we invite the world in to flip dessert on its head, send a care package or two and tap into their own creativity alongside us.”


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At this station, make your own custom cake with a Milk Bar baker in only 30 minutes! Each Build-A-Cake spot includes one 6″ layer cake. You’ll start with a base, choose frosting, soak it all together, then add crumbs and spreadable filling. If you’re not sure which flavor combinations will work best, no worries, just taste your way through it!

Book your spot online (for $65) on their website. Only one cake may be made per 30 minute time slot.


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Speaking of layers, how good does it sound to combine different flavors of velvety soft serve ice cream with cake, toppings and more to make your own delicious custom-flavored sundae? Drooling. Eat it in the shop or take it to-go!


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More building! Choose your dough and mix-ins for your own custom cookie pie. Each Build-A-Cookie spot includes one 8-inch cookie, which can serve up to six people (or one, no judgement). Can you really EVER have too many sprinkles? Asking for a friend…

Book the 30-minute session on their website ($40).



Want to share the magic with a loved one? The store has its own “Send-A-Package” station where you can stock up from the Mini Mart (loaded with packaged treats and adorable merch) to make a custom care package and send to whomever you wish.

Something Savory?

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Yes, Milk Bar is known for its sweets, but they also have delectable savory options. The new store offers bagel bombs in eggplant Parm, Italian hero and pepperoni. You can’t make these yourself, but you can enjoy them for lunch before you dig into all the sweets!


Featured image: Milkbarstore.com

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