Everything you need to know about the Jim Henson Exhibition at the MoMI

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Everything you need to know about the Jim Henson Exhibition at the MoMI

A permanent exhibition of the genius works by Jim Henson is finally a reality. The Museum of Museum of the Moving Image have released details and we’re sharing them with you!

When the Museum of Museum of the Moving Image opened an ambitious Kickstarter to raise $40k back in April, it is doubtful even they knew how wildly successful it would be. The campaign met its goal in just two days, and when the campaign ended on May 11, they had raised $144,230 from 2,072 backers.

The permanent exhibition was actually announced back in 2014 but was unable to gather the money necessary to make the exhibit a reality.



Much of what will be seen at the Jim Henson Exhibition was donated to the MoMI by the Henson family in 2013. We will see 47 original puppets from cinema and tv. They include Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Rowlf, Elmo, The Swedish Big Bird and Cantus Fraggle. Patrons will also see puppet prototypes, original character sketches, and rarely seen behind-the-scenes photographs and footage.

Aside from behind the scenes puppets and collections, the exhibit will explore Jim Henson’s contribution and impact on popular culture in general. Expect to be taken on a journey dedicated to a visionary artist and the legacy that had a gigantic impact on the world of TV and film.

The exhibit will open to the public on July 22.

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