Every New Yorker has Experienced These Terrible Commutes

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Every New Yorker has Experienced These Terrible Commutes
Some days getting to work can be quick, easy, and painless. Other days, it can be the complete opposite.

We’ve all had our fair share of bad commutes. Whether it’s a sweaty person practically touching you on the train, the terrible smell of the hot subway platforms during the summer, or just forgetting that your card ran out of money until you try swiping it. All of these situations make getting around the city exasperating. Some days it feels like you just can’t catch a break.

Dealing with the issues that may arise during a subway commute can be exhausting. It’s an emotional roller coaster and you don’t know if it’ll be a nightmare or a breeze until you step on the platform. You’ll see many eye rolls during your commute, but inside this is really how we feel: 

When you run to catch the train as it’s getting to the platform but the metal turnstile stops you because you don’t have enough money on your metro card.

 ari GIF

When you leave your house with your hair straightened but the lack of air on the subway platform instantly turns you into a poodle.

 life hell ways making living GIF

We don’t understand how men wear suites all year round. Kudos to you.

 life hell ways making living GIF

Rush hour on the train is like a human game of Tetris with everyone trying to squeeze into any gap space they see.

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Hopefully you’re not next to the one person dripping in sweat from their walk to the station.

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If that’s not already an awful way to start your morning let’s add the person screaming at you that you’re encroaching on their personal space. News flash: there’s no such thing as personal space on an 8 am train!

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And don’t even think about getting a seat.

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If you get on a suspiciously empty car, chances are you just got stuck with the one person who’s stinking up the entire train. Hopefully you realize before the doors close behind you.

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When you get to a station like Union Square, Herald Square, or Times Square and everyone’s rushing to catch their next train. (Tourists, step aside.)

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By the time you get to work you’re already so over it and just want to be home.

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Oh, and if it’s a rainy day…add all the usual walkers to your subway commute. You can practically guarantee that there will be herds of people pushing into the train in an effort to make sure they don’t have to wait for the next packed and delayed train.

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But hopefully your commute will never fail this miserably where you’ll experience all of the worst scenarios at once. (Don’t even get us started on all of the people you’ll come in contact with.)

Featured image source [Yelp Tonya J.]. 

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