Transcend Time At This New Walk-Through Pop Up Experience In NYC

Justine Golata Justine Golata

Transcend Time At This New Walk-Through Pop Up Experience In NYC

Escape to a state of inner peace at Euphoria’s new pop up, Midst Bloom.

Transcend into a world of delight and optimism at the immersive pop up experience Midst Bloom by Euphoria in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Glimpse into the perspective of a brighter future to come after one tumultuous year.

Stressed and anxious after recent uncertainty and hardships? You can check all of your worries at the door when you embark on this walk-through event that will make you forget time even exists. You’ll understand how blissful it is to be present when you’re not focused on past events or future concerns.

Instagram/ @euphoria_360

The vibrant pop up will allow you to self-reflect and further understand yourself along with your connection to nature. As spring signifies rebirth, growth, and hope, Midst Bloom will leave you with a revitalized outlook on a brighter tomorrow.

This is Euphoria’s second installation following their Holiday Experience. Upon entering the pop up, you’ll get lost in the grapevine where you can exhale anything weighing you down as you indulge in your surroundings. Listen to your inner-self and reflect on what you need most in this life.

Instagram/ @euphoria_360

Neon vines will then guide you to a panoramic bed of roses that will take you across a bridge of water to rest at.

The experience is a perfect backdrop for some incredible photo-ops that will have everyone asking where you went. The thought-provoking visual event will leave you in complete awe.

Instagram/ @euphoria_360

Once you are through with the experience, visit MAAD City Vintage and other alternating pop up small businesses as more colorful escapades await you. Observe the murals that line the outside area as you’ll feel in tune with the art and nature around you.

The event is hosted at Absurd Conclave’s Studio in Brooklyn and is welcome to all ages.

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featured image source: Instagram/ @euphoria_360

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