Escape to This Free Buddhist Retreat on the Beach

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Escape to This Free Buddhist Retreat on the Beach
Summer may be over, but nothing’s keeping you from still venturing to Rockaway beach for quality zen time.

Peace and quiet is what you’ll find on this Buddhist retreat at the Rockaway Summer House. Spend anywhere from a few days to a week at the residential retreat center practicing yoga, reiki, and qigong (chi-gung).

Image source: Facebook/Rockaway Summer
Image source: Facebook/Rockaway Summer

Sandwiched between the beach and Jamaica Bay, this retreat is all-inclusive and free. Their only request is that you’ll make a donation, but unlike most other retreats there’s no set amount that you’ll have to cough up for the experience.

The center also provides free art programs and food workshops such as “urban farming workshops, and ecological sustainability classes.” Along with visitors contributing donations the house also accepts donations from transparent companies that share their values and respect for the environment. Food, cushions, bedding, and mattresses are among the many things that have been generously donated to the house.

Being a residential center, there is limited space. For that reason you absolutely must register in advance. The Rockaway Summer House is ideal for any city dweller looking for a nearby escape. The house was chosen based on its location and proximity to subway access.

Featured image source [Facebook/Rockaway Summer House]


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