Enter The Whimsical Wonderland And Theatrical Experience Of NYC’s “The Unbrunch”

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Enter The Whimsical Wonderland And Theatrical Experience Of NYC’s “The Unbrunch”

Take a trip down the rabbit hole and make your way through the whimsical world of The Unbrunch.

Tucked away in Chelsea’s exclusive Norwood Club, you’ll find yourself stepping into the chaotic world of Wonderland when you arrive at The Unbrunch. This immersive theatrical experience takes guests on a unique journey. With fourteen storylines and eight possible endings, the narrative gets curiouser and curiouser the longer you fall down into this strange place. 

Taking over all five floors of the illustrious venue, this experience truly allows guests to spiral into a fantastical world unlike any other. As a guest, you’ll be able to move freely throughout the space, exploring the chaos and mayhem that abound. 

Throughout your time in Wonderland, you’ll be invited to imbibe some of their lively libations at any of the bars awaiting you on each floor. While The Unbrunch experience can be enjoyed sans food, you can certainly build up an appetite while adventuring through a mystical world! 

For those of you interested in exploring the depths of your taste buds along with your imagination, The Unbrunch offers seated brunch reservations that even the White Rabbit would approve of. With food crafted by Norwood chef Carlene Nelson, you can expect to indulge in a couple of complimentary drinks and tasty bites like crispy fingerling hash and strawberry pavlova. 

So before it gets too late, be sure to grab your tickets here to the most whimsical multi-sensory experience of the year: The Unbrunch! 

Where: The Norwood Club – 241 W 14th St

When: Saturday, dates and times vary

Tickets: $49 GA, $129 with seated brunch – grab yours here

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