Watch The Sunrise From 1,050 Feet Above Manhattan For The ESB’s 90th Birthday

Justine Golata Justine Golata

Watch The Sunrise From 1,050 Feet Above Manhattan For The ESB’s 90th Birthday

If you thought your roof gave you a great view, think again!

Celebrate as NYC’s most iconic building turns 90 this year! After undergoing tons of renovations throughout its many years, the Empire State Building now has 10,000-sq-ft of immersive museum space, a new guest entrance on 34th Street, a redesigned 80th floor, and an all new 102 Floor Observatory with gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows.

To honor this historic anniversary, ESB is welcoming New Yorkers to experience a breathtaking affair of watching this incredible city awaken from 1,050 feet in the air.

Courtesy of Empire State Building

Guests will be able to go on the 86th-floor observation deck to get a rare glimpse of the magic as the sunrise paints the sky in gorgeous shades of orange and yellow! This unique opportunity to catch the city come to life is one that most never get the chance to see.

Each Sunrise Experience session only takes a total of 100 people at a time for an intimate viewing like never before! Tickets are $114.81/person and includes a complimentary Starbucks Coffee to keep those eyes open for the early morning phenomenon. Ticket holders will also get a limited-edition 90th anniversary tote bag while supplies last.

For more information, check here. 

featured image source: Empire State Building

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