The Emoticons we need for life in NYC

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

The Emoticons we need for life in NYC

Sometimes the way life goes in NYC, you just don’t have words. And even the emoticons that already exist don’t totally encapsulate all the feels, without using about 20 of them. NYC and New Yorkers, in general, need their own set of emojis, a special emoticon keyboard that is auto downloaded once you sign your first lease. And these would be our favorites:

● The bad smell: Maybe it’s a face with a scrunched up look and a green odor wafting about, but we need the bad smell emoji. Whether it’s on the subway, the garbage can that got knocked over on your walk to work, or anywhere else, we need an emoticon that truly suggests that something rancid is in the immediate area.

● The subway doors: Think about all the ways this can be used. Missed a train and they closed on you? Subway doors + angry emoji. Running late? “Sorry, my train sucks” and a couple of subway door emojis. Those doors are such an essential part of life, we could use them every day.

● Showtime subway dancer: Because they are everywhere. Not only is it a great warning; “Hey guys, beware the F train right now. :subwaydancer: but also it’s a really great way to show you’re about to get turnt up. What time is it?!

● The tourists walking side by side, blocking the sidewalk: A true symbol of every frustration you might have for the day. Feel stuck? Slow day? Can’t seem to get around an issue? This emoji is for you.

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