Election Day In NYC: Everything You Need To Know For The Day Ahead

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Election Day In NYC: Everything You Need To Know For The Day Ahead

Be in no doubt that this is an important day for the Nation, no matter which candidate you support. I know we’re all so burned out on this dumpster-fire of an election, but remember, all of it has been leading to TODAY. Here is everything you need to know for the day ahead:

1. Know where your polling place is…

Double check you’re registered too!

2. There are other things on the ballot, like senate representative, google that sh*t!

Step 1:Check out your sample ballot right here.

Step 2: Google the candidates for U.S. Senate – Democrat Chuck Schumer and Republican Wendy Long as well as the other options you see on the sample ballot. (be an informed voter)

Step 3: Vote.

3. electioneering within 100 feet of a polling place is illegal

…ok, but what does that mean? It means your red, “Make America Great Again,” hat or #ImWithHer pin can be seen as “passive electioneering,” and you can removed from the polling place until you remove the offending object. The more you know.

4. Legally, your boss HAS to let you go vote, no excuses.

The polls are open from 6 am until 9 pm and New York State law forces employers to let you take two hours, without loss of pay, to go and vote.

5. Ballot selfies are illegal in the state of New York

Remember when Justin Timberlake posted a ballot selfie? Well don’t do it! It’s illegal here. We get it, for some of you it’s almost impossible for you to have a bowel movement, or eat a brunch, without sharing it with the world… but in this case, just try and resist the urge to document your vote with a selfie. ok? Maybe sick your “I Voted” sticker on a kitten next to your pumkin-spiced-brunch and break the internet with that.

6. There will be road closures tonight, FYI…

Yeah, both Clinton and Trump will be in NYC tonight… just in case you were wondering where the end of the world would be happening. Here are the roads that will be closed:

Between 6pm tonight until 6am on Wednesday morning:

  • West 34th Street between the West Side Highway and 11th Avenue
  • 11th Avenue between West 34th Street and West 40th Street
  • 6th Avenue between West 53rd Street and West 54th Street
  • 7th Avenue between West 53rd Street and West 54th Street

Closed while The Donald is in the building:

  • Fifth Avenue between East 55th and East 56th streets (The streets around Trump Tower will be closed )
7. There will be an increased police presence in the city…

Expect to see more police on the streets than usual… The NYPD will be deploying more over 5,000 police officers on election night. According to gothamist, that’s more than twice as many officers than any other the election night. Police Commissioner James O’Neill said told the site:

“You’re gonna see a lot of police […] in New York City and some of it you won’t see… There is going to be tremendous impact on traffic in New York City tomorrow. If you don’t need to drive, I suggest taking public transportation.”

8. Your vote is public record… you CAN’T lie about whether you voted or not.

Go to your polling station, vote, and know… that your vote IS PUBLIC RECORD! Yes, people can search and see if you voted. Don’t moan about the results if you’re not willing to contribute your vote… ESPECIALLY now you know people can check whether you voted or not.

9. So, you’ve researched, you’ve voted, you know which streets are closed so you can move around the city stress free… not its time for a drink.
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