The Eight Questions Tourists will Constantly ask New Yorkers

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The Eight Questions Tourists will Constantly ask New Yorkers

The summer brings warm weather, the smell of baked garbage, and a slew of wide eyed tourists. We’re going to forgo the “How do you get to….?” stuff, and strike at the heart of the questions we get asked when we’re embroiled in a conversation with an eager visitor.

This is a compilation of questions we’ve heard in our office, we found that we have all been asked some variation of the same eight… probably you’ve heard them too. Here goes:

1. So, is it, like, really expensive to live in New York?


We get it, you’ve spent all of five minutes here and you’re thinking “wouldn’t it be cool to live in  New York City.” Well, yeah, it is cool. But, for that “coolness” you have to forgo a few little luxuries like storage space, a personal bubble, and more importantly, disposable income. It is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but like with most things in life, you get what you pay for. 

2. Do you like it living here?


Nobody who lives in New York City doesn’t like it. We even like complaining about it. Jeez, get with the program. New York City makes you tough and capable, it weaves itself into the fabric of our personality. Really, a better question is “Do you appreciate it?” Sadly, for many of us, the answer would be, “Not as much as I should.”

3. Does it bother you that it’s so crowded?


Really? Why not ask, does the smell of hot garbage, or the sucky subway system bother you? Of course it bothers us. That’s why we do our best to avoid Times Square and other sections of the city that resemble a horde scene from the Walking Dead. BUT, and it’s a big “but”, it doesn’t bother us enough to leave.

4. So, does it get cold in the winter?


Oooh, youngling. Don’t let the summer weather fool you. Sure, you may be checking the subway seat for sweat pools right now, but in 6 or 7 months we’ll be complaining about how the slushy snow stains our shoes. 


5. Where should I go to eat?


Ok, do you have a couple of weeks? There are 40,000 restaurants in NYC and some of those are the best restaurants in the world. Most tourists want a recommendation from a real-deal NYer, so do them a solid and let them know your favorites.

6. Have you been to Times Square for New Year’s Eve?


No. God, no. Never do this, it’s a terrible idea.

7. Are you a Jets or a Giants fan?


I sometimes forget that Football is a really big deal. Not that it isn’t a big deal here, it’s just a little more niche than in the rest of the state (prepare for hate from football fans in the comments).  Yes, there are hordes of football fans in the city, but, speaking for myself, football doesn’t play that great a part in my life, at least not as much as it did before moving here… at least until it’s time for a Superbowl Party.

8. Have you met/do you know any celebrities?


Yeah, Mr. Robot is my IT guy, and Beyonce and I hang out all the time. 

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