Eat a full meal off of a Naked Stranger in Bushwick this Weekend

Rob Grams Rob Grams

Eat a full meal off of a Naked Stranger in Bushwick this Weekend

Yeah, you read that right. The LUST party is hitting Bushwick this weekend and we have all the details to satisfy your carnal curiosity. 

The most erotic meal in the city is returning this weekend to Lot 45 in Bushwick on Friday, June 16th. But what it this event exactly? Well, this is what the organizers say:

This edition of LUST is all about luxuriating in the heat of summer. As we reawaken from our slumber of winter and spring, we open ourselves to all of the possibilities that the heart desires. Limbs entertwine, mouths open wide in pleasure, eye contact lingers…come experience what has become our specialty: Intimacy Without Fucking.

The event is for couples, singles, groups of friends, basically for everyone with love and lust in their hearts, an open mind, and a penchant for consensual interaction.

The evening starts with dinner at 7 pm where you’ll Enjoy a sumptuous feast served off of naked bodies, each table and body have a different course. Your food will be fed to you by our lascivious lady servants and man slaves, there are no plates and no utensils, all the food is to be eaten with your hands. Wash it all down with complimentary champagne… thankfully served in a glass. 

After dinner, 9:30 pm – 3 am, is when the real fun begins. Sensual art installations and erotic performance art await those brave enough to stay for the rest of the evening. Fetish stations, dungeon and play area, cuddle puddle lounge, an interactive human candelabra, live music, and a late-night DJ session.  

Get more information on LUST here.

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