What to eat at the Dekalb Market hall

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What to eat at the Dekalb Market hall

We just love our food halls here in NYC. Because the more deliciousness we can stuff in our faces to forget about the bad morning commute, the better. And the freshly opened Dekalb Market Hall has been eagerly waited by New Yorkers. But what should you eat?

  • The Arepa Lady
    Established in Queens, this is their first appearance at a food court of any kind and totally worth it. If you don’t know what an arepa is, it’s basically a Colombian corn cake. Here, you can top that corn cake with all kinds of meats, or just keep it simple. Either way, it’ll hit the spot. 
  • Fulton Landing Seafood Company
    fultonlandingThey are a new seafood spot in town, but they have something not everyone else does; octopus rolls. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy they have classics like oysters on the half shell and lobster rolls.
  • Wiki Wiki
    Poke has not stopped being one of the trendiest foods in the city, and Wiki Wiki has their own offerings, with ahi tuna poke that mixes up avocado and some amazing sauces.
  • Ample Hills
    amplehillsIf you haven’t had Ample Hills ice cream yet, this is the time. Their flavors may often sound strange, but they are always delicious. They make their ice cream from scratch and you can certainly taste the difference.
  • Katz Delicatessen
    katzAn NYC classic, their sandwiches at Dekalb Market Hall are just as good as those at their more well-known locations, so don’t be afraid to order a pastrami and rye.
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