East Village Podcaster Kicked Out of Apartment for Inviting ‘Everyone’ Over

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East Village Podcaster Kicked Out of Apartment for Inviting ‘Everyone’ Over

The host of the unique podcast mürmur, has been forced by his landlord to move out and find a new place. The podcast’s host, Uluç Ülgen invites strangers of all sorts into his home for impromptu interviews about anything the guests wants to discuss. Literally opening his doors to anyone who was interested and willing to come in for a chat.

Through a simple street flyer, 250 of these unannounced guests have randomly appeared in my home, for completely spontaneous, one hour conversations.

Honoring diversity and all walks of life, everyone from homeless, rock stars, and even a deaf person, have appeared on the show.”



While that may sound like a refreshing concept and a great way to share incredibly unique perspectives from the people of New York, his East Village landlord was NOT please. To say the least.

Now that the owner, Bob Perl, knows about his tenant’s open-door policy, he can’t ignore it. According to a conversation Perl recently had with DNAinfo, he has to kick him out now because If something was to happen and all this is in the press, [he’s] sued.”


Based on Uluç Ülgen’s Twitter updates it seems he has found a new studio space to continue on his mission.


Hopefully his new home is more accepting of his work! Keep doing what you’re doing Uluç Ülgen.

Featured image source: Twitter / mürmur podcast

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