NYC’s Largest Costume Store ‘Halloween Adventure’ Reopens…But For Its Final Year

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

NYC’s Largest Costume Store ‘Halloween Adventure’ Reopens…But For Its Final Year

After Halloween Adventure announced permanent closure last year, the beloved costume store will reopen for one last season at the East Village location, reported The Real Deal.

Halloween Adventure is New York City’s largest costume and accessories superstore, opening in the East Village almost 25 years ago. The company in general has been around since 1981, starting with pop-up stores in NY, NJ and PA, and gradually opening three permanent locations, two in PA and this one in NYC.

They have the largest retail selection of costumes, wigs, masks, props, and decor in New York City, along with costume and prop rentals and even a magic section.

After facing a major lack in business last year from COVID-19, the store was planning to permanently close at the end of February 2021. However, TimeOut reported that with much help from New Yorkers, the store will be able to hold out for one more Halloween.

Reopened on September 15th, Halloween Adventure is expected to stay open through the 2021 Christmas season.

According to The Real Deal, it is uncertain whether the costume shop will find a new location, but the current store space at 808 Broadway and 104-110 Fourth Avenue is now on sale for  $15.95 million.

Support this iconic NYC store because it may be your last time to shop its extensive inventory.

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