East Harlem will Soon get a Beautiful Seven Achre Waterfront Park

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On Monday the Mayor announced that, thanks to a $101 million injection of cash, the Manhattan greenway will soon expand into East Harlem creating a seven achre waterfront park for the neighborhood. Here are all the details.

Residents of East Harlem woke up to some amazing news on Monday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new waterfront park coming to the Neighbourhood as part of the Manhattan Greenway.

Back in April, Mayor de Blasio announced that the city would make a $100 million commitment toward the East River section of the Manhattan Greenway, between East 53rd Street and East 61st Streets. East Harlem new seven-acre waterfront park forms part of this promice to the city. A part of the recent rezoning of the neighbourhood was to make the waterfront area open to the public, as well as to allow for more building density to build and preserve more affordable houseing.

The Mayor announced a $101 million cash injection toward creating a new section of the Manhattan Greenway, between East 125th and East 132nd Streets on Monday. When complete on both sections, Manhattan will boast a contiguous, 32-mile waterfront pedestrian promenade and bike track around the island.

Featured image source [twitter|NYCmayor]