‘Dyker Lights’ Residents Face a Quickly Escalating Crowd Problem

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

‘Dyker Lights’ Residents Face a Quickly Escalating Crowd Problem
The Dyker Heights holiday light display is an annual attraction that draws a boatload of visitors, and not all residents are happy about it. 

The impressive Dyker Lights span several streets and three avenues (at least). The neighborhood decorations have been tradition for Dyker Heights for over 30 years and continues to grow in popularity. With plenty of ways to access the area, foot traffic and bus tours (which have now been allotted parking spots as well) have quickly become a big problem.


According to the Brooklyn Daily, residents brought this escalating matter to the attention of the Community Board 10 meeting at the end of October.   Resident Nancy D’Amico, who lives in the heart of where these displays take place, said:

“We can’t get out of our houses, the horns are constantly blowing, people are throwing garbage all around, they ring your doorbells if they want to use your bathroom.”

The community residents are asking the city to do something about the chaotic situation and growing crowds. They even applied for a Street Activity Permit last year which would increase police presence in the area. However, that attempt was rejected by the police department for unknown reasons.

There is no word on whether actions will be taken to resolve this, but we hope something is done to make sure this beautiful tradition stays alive and the safety for all visitors and residents is maintained.

Featured image source: Photo Modified: Flickr / Philipp Alexander / CC by 2.0

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