An Amazing Drive-In Movie Series Is Coming To Cities Across The U.S. This Summer

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An Amazing Drive-In Movie Series Is Coming To Cities Across The U.S. This Summer

One organization has found a way to make our very different summer a bit more entertaining—with inspiration straight out of another era.

People have already made references to coronavirus bringing us back to the 1920s (not being able to go out to bars, the stock market dipping, etc.), but this suggestion brings us closer to the 1950s.

Welcome back to the age of the drive-in movie theatre! Tribeca Enterprises, which organizes and hosts the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC every year, has announced their brand new “Tribeca Drive-In” experience, a “drive-in entertainment series” that will take place all summer long in cities all across the U.S.

They’ve partnered with IMAX and AT&T in order to bring new, classic and independent films (plus special music and sports events) to families in a safe way during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

The Drive-In series will officially kick off on June 25, and then run for the entire summer. They haven’t announced exact locations, dates, or tickets yet, but promise to release more information over the next few weeks.

Though they state the film screenings will mostly take place at drive-in theatres (which NYC doesn’t have any of), the press release also says they will show films at other “exclusive venues,” so maybe there’s hope for us! Especially since Tribeca Film was founded right here in NYC after 9/11 to “rally people through the arts to send a signal of resiliency to the world.”

For each event, they said they’ll work with local small businesses and so each city’s experience will be unique to their community.

Maybe it’s shaping up to be a fun summer after all!

featured image source: Tribecafilm.com

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